Lavmi is a well known Czech brand founded by work and life partners Babeta Ondrová, the author of all the designs offered by the brand, and Jan Slovák.

Lavmi creates designer wallpaper and interior accessories that meet high aesthetic requirements, have their own style and originality that resonates with the uniqueness of Lavmi’s customers. Lavmi products will help your children to brighten up their every day and help creating harmony. That is the Lavmi's mission.

Motto: Brighten every day

Material: Lavmi wallpapers are printed on non-woven material that represents the very latest generation of wallcoverings. It faithfully reproduces designs and is strong, permeable and easy to work with. It contains no PVC or heavy metals. Printed by water based inks that are lightfast and free of solvents, Lavmi wallpapers satisfy all requirements for healthy homes. Printed in Germany.

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