In 2004, the passion for decoration and the desire to offer different furniture to professionals led Laura Bailleux to open a workshop to create Laurette furniture for children.

Through the acquired knowledge and the enthusiasm that it met, it was natural that the brand began being manufactured in 2008. 

Laurette is characterized by both vintage and upmarket style and design. The creativity, functionality, quality and respect for the environment are the core values of the Laurette furniture collection.

Laurette draws their inspiration from old fashioned furniture to create a collection with a "retro-design" look that is unique and original, with delicious, deep colors.

Always ready to listen to the customers, the furniture responds with ingenuity to the needs of everyday life and can evolve with them. Thus, a changing table becomes a buffet, or a cot turns into a small seat with a high degree of efficiency.

Despite their growth, Laurette has maintained a principle that is very dear to its creator, which is "handmade". From the manufacturing to the finish, each item of furniture passes through the hands of artisans concerned about the quality and detail.

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