Clocksicle is an amazing Australian brand which we are very excited to bring to Europe and UK for the first time!

Clocksicle puts style & learning into every child’s room. It has developed out of the inability to find a suitable clock for a childs bedroom. All clocks were either too big, didn’t present all the numbers, too childish design or ticked loudly and kept children awake at night.

So Alison, the owner of the brand, set out to design a perfect kids' clock – gorgeous to look at, simplistic in design with a quiet mechanism to provide a peaceful sleep.  

Clocksicle combines two passions – style and education. Alison wanted her clocks to look great and provide a stylish accessory for every child's bedroom or playspace. But she also wanted them to help kids learn to tell the time. Clocks can be as good for numeracy as books are for literacy. They build awareness of time that grows as your child grows, from counting, to telling the time, to managing their own time and schedules.  

Whether your kids are 3 or 13, Clocksicle will bring style, learning and helpful routine into their lives.  

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