About Us

My name is Bridget and I am a mum of three beautiful little children which I love and adore. I am inspired by the children's world, their endless imagination, carefree mood and their ability to surprise you with little things every single day. I also take delight in designer, stylish and high quality products from modern and creative brands that can make the children's world even more special, joyful and imaginative. 

So I decided to connect the two important parts of my life and that is how minideco got started. 

I would like to offer all the big and small minideco customers a wide range of original and high quality products as well as excellent customer service before, during and after purchase. I am proud of each brand who trusted minideco and I thank them a milion for being able to offer their amazing products in our shop. If you will head to the Brands section and have a look around, you will see that majority of the companies in our portfolio were started by young mums and dads after their children were born. And there are definitely children as inspiration behind the rest of the brands as well. Who else could come up with such ingenious toys, furniture, decoration etc. other than people, who are inspired, motivated by and are fond of their children.

Although, we tried our best to offer you the maximum of products from each brand, our possibilities are limited. BUT (and it is a big BUT), we know that the children's world is limitless and minideco would like to try to be as well. Therefore, if there is something you like and is currently not in our shop, just let us know. We might be able to include it into our next order and get it for you and your little one in no time.

If you do purchase something from us, please do not forget that we would love to hear back from you so we are sure you have the perfect match for you and your child or children. Please send us your pictures and share your comments and opinions. Because every single customer is another inspiration to us.

With respect to each child's personality, tastes and identity,